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    Capital investment fuels economic growth!


    Economic growth benefits all investors, so by being a consistent solid investor in growing industry sectors, you will not only help our economy grow but also create wealth for yourself...

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    Why join our association?


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    $2.9 Trillion Consumer Dollars


    African and Latino Americans collectively spend $2.9 trillion dollars into the U.S. economy, yet their median net worth is an abysmal $1,500 compared to white america's $115,000. The path to change of this truth is black capital investment and wholesale financial education. We of Obsidian Elite are committed to changing this norm and increasing our collective investment ratio to 15%.

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    Invest in yourself first!


    Otherwise, no one else will. Tulsa Oklahoma ("Black Wall Street") The dollar circulated 36 to 100 times in this tight-knit community, for almost a year before leaving the Black community. Comparatively today, a dollar circulates 30 days in Asian communities, 20 days in Jewish communities, 17 days in white communities, but only 6 hours in Black communities. To generate more black business and consumerism, we must create Black Capital Investment!

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    Don't miss your wave!

We've made our call, Cannabis legalization for New Jersey

what's your call?


Medical Cannabis States


Adult Use  Cannabis  States


Current Annual
Market Size


Projected Annual
Market Size

The expected market growth could be

as high as 4000% in th first two years!

Industry sectors

we have our eye on

Cannabis NJ


The Cannabis industry of New Jersey will be one of the largest markets in legalized Cannabis to date for the U.S. with a possible size of $3.8B when mature. We believe that in the first five years a 2000% return is possible.

Real Estate


The realty market, residential and commercial are longstanding staple measurements of wealth. The land must continually be tilled. Our mission within the real estate market is the profitable development of positive environments...



The total cost of life is driven by the cost to produce and sustain energy. We must consider low costs, but also clean energy and sustainability. It is inevitable that humanity will achieve this goal. This will alter our world completely and hence is a worthy market to watch and help develop.



Technological advancements have been the driving factor of power and wealth. We perceive this trend to remain a constant. For this reason, all new technologies have our eye, whether biological, mechanical, or digital. …

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One of our qualified consultants can help...

Hear what our members think

about us:

Now that the cannabis business industry has weathered the storm through litigation and state laws it was easy to see that cannabis is no longer simply a hippie movement and instead is transitioning into a viable and highly profitable professional industry that will result in high profits and returns. The worst of the storm is clearly over and the time to invest is now! Joining Obsidian Elite Investment Association as a cannabis investor was an easy decision since cannabis investing is comparable to the California gold rush. Investing now, before the industry is overpopulated with investors would nearly guarantee my ability to strike it rich. Investing now solidifies my position as a professional cannabis investor. Within the next few years I expect medical cannabis use to dominate the health care industry resulting in a whole new consumer base. Instead of shoppers searching for Ultra K Kush the dialogue changes to consumers looking for cannabis to treat pain, digestive issues, insomnia etc. The communication and marketing change of cannabis will indeed open the door for greater investment returns across the cannabis investment board. Investment opportunities are diversifying from those investors who will cultivate and harvest cannabis to those who supply equipment, research, distribution, etc. I'm rushing to invest in cannabis now because investing early guarantees great returns for tomorrow.

- Sha'Vegas Atiya Pemberton


I am grateful to have the opportunity to invest in this booming industry with the Obsidian Elite Investment Association. I look forward to the experience and the potential gains that the future holds.


- Mike Arrington

Big or small

All Our Members Matter!

Investing is a Skill you can master!


Although markets are naturally volatile, like everything in life practice, practice, practice. If you pursue investing with an idea of learning all you can and a desire to get better, you will...


It is our mission to help you by providing access to all the information we can, access to members and professionals that are experts, and leadership that leads by example. If we think it's a good decision, then we lead the way putting our money where our mouth is. The great thing is, as a member you're invited!


We hope this two videos inspire you.