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Obsidian Elite Investment Association is a voluntary membership network of individuals, businesses and professional associations. Membership is exclusive, annually paid, and is required for participation in all training, seminars, case studies, networking, and mentoring opportunities presented by the association.  The Association is actively involved in leveraging relationships local and national to grow our Association and its members. We are always working to find innovative ways to add additional benefits and value to our members and the community at large.

The goal of the Association is to empower and assist our members toward their goal of wealth development through education and advocacy. Membership fees are not an investment. We are not a financial or investment firm. Member fees provide access to information, expertise, and participation in the opportunities our association provides.

Tier 1 Membership 

Tier 1 members may have an annual income or net worth up to $100K.


Tier 1 is right for you if:


  • You want to increase your knowledge of finances and learn how to better manage your money and grow your wealth
  • You are an aspiring entrepreneur who needs access to mentors and professionals to build a successful business and raise the capital you need
  • You want to build your investor skills, learn how to get started, increase your confidence and put your money to work


Tier 1 Annual Membership Benefits


  1. Members‐only investment opportunities
  2. Informational resources to help you determine how and where to invest
  3. Financial education resources and a custom net worth assessment
  4. Access to mentors and industry professionals to help you achieve your goals for wealth creation and financial freedom
  5. Updates on relevant industry news
  6. Invitation to members‐only social media
  7. Access to members‐only OEIA events
  8. Discounts on public OEIA events





Tier 2 Membership

Tier 2 members may have an annual income or net worth of $100K‐$250K.

Tier 2 is right for you if:

  • You are moderately knowledgeable of finances, but want to become exceptional, so you can maximize your wealth creation
  • You are an entrepreneur who needs access to mentors and professionals to further your business goals
  • You have investments under your belt and want to expand your knowledge and portfolio

Tier 2 Annual Membership Benefits

  1. All Tier 1‐member benefits
  2. In‐depth business development and investment strategy support
  3. Increased discount access to association events
  4. Instructor‐led new cannabis business investment opportunity analyses


Tier 3 Membership

Tier 3 members may have an annual income or net worth of $250K-$500K.

Tier 3 is right for you if:

  • You are financially savvy, and continually strive for mastery and learning new trends
  • You are a business owner or investor who enjoys networking with other likeminded indidviduals, engaging in bilateral mentorship and have a strong desire to achieve continued personal and professional growth
  • You are a solid investor interested in learning about new sectors

Tier 3 Annual Membership Benefits

  1. Tier 1-member benefits
  2. Tier 2-member benefits
  3. 50% discount to all association events
  4. Exclusive access to additional relevant industry business investment opportunities


Tiers 4, 5, and 6 

Members in these pools have an income level or net worth over $500k and are comprised of business owners of varying professional background. Investment strategies for this group consist of a financial advisor team, multiple business ventures, and a diverse portfolio with strong holdings with varying levels of risk. They also have strong charitable contributions and tax strategies with global holdings.

The differentiation for these tiers is as follows:

Tier 4 - an income level or net worth between $500k-$2.5M.
Tier 5 - an income level or net worth between $2.5M-$5M.
Tier 6 - an income level or net worth of above $5M.

If you fulfill the requirements of any of these membership Tiers, you must speak with a membership sales representative. You can contact us by completing the contact form below or by calling our offices directly. Let our representatives elaborate on how our Association membership can benefit you.

Organizations and Businesses 

Organization and business members are affiliates of the association that share common goals, purpose, or cater to the same target market of our members. Business and organizational members are automatically Tier 3 members with a membership fee accordingly. Should they choose to partake in investment within the association's offerings they will be accounted the same membership fee correlating to their level of investment.

Among the associations core business or organizational members are:

Financial Advisors, Brokers, and Agencies

Insurance Agencies and Brokers

Real Estate Agents and Firms,

Law Firms



Civic advocacy organizations

Social activist organizations

Industry foundations

Reseach organizations

General non-profit organizations

Chambers of Commerce

Professional associations

The greatest benefit the association provides for our business and organizational members are our other members, our network, inclusion in our events, political access, and staying current on our latest business and financial news.

All Tier 4, 5, 6, business, or organizational members must

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