our origin and story

the Beginning


Somewhere between the two capitals of New Jersey, Trenton and Newark, Obsidian Elite Investment Association was conceived. It has been a longstanding missing quotient to our equation of economic representation that we should create a capital nexus to amass and channel economic power into economic growth. To do this we must become savvy and collective investors. For this reason, the creation of firms like Obsidian Elite are necessary to help lead a diverse association of would be investors toward market understanding, mastery, and creation.


Our partnership was formed to capitalize firstly on the opportunity presented by the changes in the political will of the people, evidenced by the selection of a new progressive Governor, and our already extensive network of New Jersey political and business influencers. It is time that we organize our money, while we formulate political and social agendas, we often forget the agenda that holds the greatest ability to manifest our will for the future of the community and our legacy.


Obsidian Elite is a startup Association with over 60 years of combined expertise from its founders in the areas of executive management, business entrepreneurial success, insurance mastery, real estate, finance, and investments in multiple markets domestic and international. 



our Mission


We are committed corporate citizens and believe that our bottom line is not simply profit. We invest in markets and trends that we agree upon to be progressive in the mature development of society. There are many ventures, while legal in many ways, but are immoral or lead toward destinations of destruction. Historically, these have been industries such as slavery, imperialism, prostitution, etc. History always repeats itself and these ventures at the onset may have appeared benign, but over time their rotten fruit was apparent. Obsidian Elite Investment Association is committed to prosperous responsible returns.


Our mission is to inform, educate, guide, and lead our members to higher levels of investment mastery individually and as a collective body that has a significant voice in the progressive development of community through economic influence.



our Vision


The combined economic power of the African American and Latino communities is $2.9 trillion. We intend to mobilize 10% of that economic power into investment. This investment will be the engine that powers the growth of the business community and thereby a better delivery of goods and services of diverse ownership and origin. Some of the problems of our society are not accidental, but due to an amalgamation of cultural myopathy via a lack of plurality. Our vision is to be 'hosts of the party', not merely guests...

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Investment Advice


   An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Benjamin Franklin

Our Mission


Our mission is to inform, educate, guide, and lead our members to higher levels of investment mastery individually and as a collective body that has a significant voice in the progressive development of community through economic influence.

who We are...

Tammeisha D. Smith

Ms. Tammeisha D. Smith currently serves as the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of the Dunbar Center, Inc. The Dunbar Center, Inc. is a community health & wellness facility, which has been selected as an anchor project for the City of Newark’s MNI (Model Neighborhood Initiative) under the administration of Mayor Ras Baraka. The Dunbar Center medical complex will be comprised of a unique health care venue focused on serving the needs of a medically underserved population. The facility offers lab, primary and urgent care services, a wellness salon and the City’s largest outpatient Renal Dialysis center, that is equipped to service patients on a 24/7/365 basis including overnight nocturnal services and provide corresponding Vascular Access services. The Dunbar Center is a minority woman-owned (MWBE) facility. The dialysis center operations at maximum capacity can serve 154 patients daily and will employ more than 150 people.


Ms. Smith has 25 years of experience in the insurance industry and is an expert in the areas of designing, developing, implementing and managing health benefits and commercial insurance programs and policies for business lines as well as planning and directing business analysis, risk modeling and insurance contract negotiations.


Ms. Smith is the mother of two children, one adult daughter in college and one teenage son. She is a native of Queens, NYC and is a current resident of NJ.


Ms. Smith is a managing partner and currently serves as Chairwoman of the Executive Board and is the Government & Corporate Relations Vice President for the Association.

LaQuay L. Juel

LaQuay Laun'Juel, is a professional business and political consultant with a degree in international economics from Stockton University, civil engineering, and information technology. He also studied international business law at Seton Hall University. He is a former Marine Corps Captain (select), having commanded a division of combat engineers, and is a combat veteran of three foreign conflicts. Mr. Juel is an entrepreneur owner of the Home First Foods, LLC brand and Dansby Business Consulting. He is a trustee Chairman of the Non-Governmental Organization; All Afrikan Empowerment Society. He has served as President Emeritus of the NJ chapter of the National Forum of Black Public Administrators.

Mr. Juel is happily married to Marni Juel and they have six children, five adult sons and one teenage daughter. He is a native of Atlantic City and is a current resident of NJ.

Mr. Juel is a managing partner, secretary of the Executive Board and is the President of the Association.

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Tami Brown

Tami Brown serves as the Chief Executive Officer of The LaMorn Group, a boutique company with interest in varies industries. With over 30 years’ collective experience as a Restaurateur, Film & TV Producer, Real Estate Developer, Digital Marketing Content Owner, Product Developer & Philanthropist. Tami wears many hats.


Prior to Tami’s career as an entrepreneur, she served as Sr. Strategic Business Analyst for Implementation at Aventis Pharmaceutical and Sr. Business Consultant for Instraphere Consulting. Tami serves as an expert in Business Intelligence, Business Development, Product Development, Content Marketing and Mergers and Acquisitions.


Tami currently resides in New Jersey with her middle school daughter. A native New Jerseyan, Tami splits her time between New Jersey and Georgia.


Ms. Brown is a managing partner and currently serves as Co-Chairwoman of the Executive Board and is the Vice President for the Association.

Rauhn Turner

Rauhn Turner has over 16 years of professional experience building successful strategic engagements with clients across numerous industries. Prior to becoming an insurance broker in 2014, he was a leader in global technology strategy, ranking as one of the top producers in his field for his innovative and effective solutions.

In 2014, Rauhn refocused his skills, becoming an insurance broker and in this capacity, he helps clients develop and achieve strategic goals that can grow their businesses and possibly solidify their futures. Rauhn’s clients are corporations and individuals who demand competence, excellence and kindness from their strategic relationships. His areas of focus include, executing employee benefit program designs, providing college, retirement and estate planning services, and working with clients to create strategies for the transfer of generational wealth. Rauhn continues to grow the business one successful engagement at a time with a focus on customer service.

He holds health/life and property/casualty insurance licenses in multiple states across the United States.


Rauhn is happily married to Nina Turner and they have two lovely daughters. He is a native of north Jersey and is a current resident of NJ.


Mr. Turner is a managing partner and Treasurer of the Executive board.