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It is our pleasure to share this opportunity to capitalize on Cannabis legalization in New Jersey. As you may already have learned, Governor Phil Murphy, has adamantly and publicly declared strong support and determination for signing into law the complete legalization of Cannabis (marijuana) for adult-use in New Jersey. This would make NJ the first representative (non-referendum) state to legalize Cannabis and this represents a huge upsurge in the number of people that will be able to utilize Cannabis legally without a prescription. As of January 2018 two bills have been submitted to the floor of the NJ legislature for vote.


Currently there are roughly 900,000 individuals that illegally use Cannabis now (10% of the NJ population), while less than 15,000 use it legally for medicinal purposes. What this means is, with currently only five dispensaries and only 15,000 people using Cannabis legally in NJ per year for the past eight years, medical Cannabis has generated roughly $400 million in gross revenue. Now here’s what is about to happen when Cannabis becomes fully legal for all adults over the age of 21. NJ has 9 million residents and receives 100 million visitors per year and may see an additional 50 million visitors post legalization, because Cannabis will be illegal in New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. That’s 159 million potential new customers, which we’ll say only 10% will actually partake, meaning 16 million new customers per year. Even on the low end, if each customer only spends $20 per month on Cannabis and related products and/or services, that’s a gross revenue statewide of $3.9 billion annually. These numbers are still very conservative, and yet this is still a huge emerging market!


Obsidian Elite Investment Association is conducting a $50M raise on its Emerald Elite Investment Fund geared specifically for the Cannabis industry. All funds are in accordance with SEC regulations and will be verified before we ever receive any part of your investment dollars and that will not occur until the legislation is finalized (we expect by April 2018). This is your opportunity to earn your portion of this industry.


There are many investors entering into the market that have deep pockets, because the rate of return for medical marijuana has been an est. 900%. This far exceeds the S&P 500 index. The question is not will you make money, but rather how much! The adult-use legalization is possible of doubling or tripling that rate of return in the first five years of the NJ industry. So the question is, "If you don't have deep pockets, how do you get in?"    The minimum investment for many funds now is $250 thousand and for others $2 million. So for many people the only way they know to get into the market is to buy stocks or to try to open their own cannabis or cannabis related business.

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Opening your own

Cannabis Business in New Jersey



The emergence of legalized Cannabis is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. One can expect, if they are able to navigate the licensing process successfully, to profit greatly in the market from the onset. Here is what we expect the cost of licensing process to be:


- $20K application fee per owner

- $50k - $150k per license type (this range is speculative, but not yet defined) - you may need more than one license line.
- there are five proposed license types cultivation, wholesale, processing, transport, and retail
- $1M it is expected that entities will need to have the first year's operating costs in liquid assets to expect licensing approval. This includes all startup and operational costs for at least one year.
- a clean criminal record 


For this reason, we estimate the entire process to be an owner to be $1.5M in source capital for startup. While this is expensive for most, there are many who are able to engage the industry even at these costs. Our legal team and consultants can guide you through your licensing process and startup operations. Additionally, if you don't have this type of money, you can look to alternative funding sources, since banks are not able to loan you money for cannabis business operations.


If you wish to learn more, please contact us directly. We have ample consultants and attorneys that can get you started on your path to becoming a Cannabis entrepreneur.